Ms. Didi* ~ Creatrix

Ms. Didi* is a Wild Witchy Woman; Certified Movement Analyst; Event Designer; and a Behavioral Modification Specialist with expertise in fitness; injury rehabilitation; and Spirituality. Her motto is, “Be excellent and make it fun!”

Therapeutic Movement & Heath Expert

Ms. Didi* is a Certified Movement Analyst, a highly trained professional who evaluates movement in terms of your dynamics to suggest options to enhance control and improve function.  The self-professed, “laziest fitness and health professional,” Ms. Didi*s programs teach you “to use your body the way it is designed for movement with maximum results and minimal effort.”  After suffering a debilitating spine injury, Ms. Didi* placed extra emphasis on the development of her unique injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques.

Ms. Didi* has extensive training and experience in a wide area of specialties and sciences including Behavioral Modification Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Meditation, and Metaphysical Arts.  She is Certified in Restorative Bodywork and a graduate of The Institute of Culinary Arts with a specialty in vegetarian cooking.  Ms. Didi* has conducted and coordinated corporate fitness, occupational stress relief programs; workshops and staff training sessions at many prestigious health & fitness institutions, including Canyon Ranch-The Berkshires and The Sports Training Institute, NYC; and consults with patients for chiropractors and other health and movement professionals.

Formerly a professional dancer, dance instructor, and model/spokesperson, Ms. Didi* is currently extending her career to represent the 50-plus population with her Awesome-Aging™ (awesome minus the negative notions of aging) programs.  Aging is a gift that not everyone is fortunate to have.

Ms. Didi* is the creatrix of, an inter-active, 21st Century Community of Laban Bartenieff Movement System practitioners that is completely independent of any schools and/or organizations to enhance “The Work” now and into the future.  Right now, it is more important than ever to evolve LBMS to:

  • expand and express its value in more diverse, inclusive, and equitable ways;
  • beyond the lens of Dance Academia/Therapy to include the contributions of practitioners in other fields in the use and development of the Work; and
  • expand opportunities to share the unique ways that we use the Work to develop a greater bond with each other and with a global community.

Event Designer

Born a party-girl, Ms. Didi* has been at the center of the fun ever since she was a child, growing up in New York City.  Believing that Life Is To Be Enjoyed, Ms. Didi* approaches all of her projects with these questions in mind:

∼ What’s the most fun we can have with this venture?


∼   How can we bring forth our absolute best selves?

At an early age, Ms. Didi* discovered that most people find it easier to judge others based on popular consensus — which is usually, completely ignorant of the facts.  Her non-judgmental attitude and approach has gained her clients in all walks of life and in all aspects of projects from the extremely conservative, corporate conference to the wildly-wonderful and completely scandalous, adult lifestyle party!

Oh, the stories Ms. Didi* could tell!  But she doesn’t because she is honored to maintain the privacy and discretion that her clients trust her with.  She surrounds herself with respectful professionals who are not only experts in their fields, but who actually love what they do — which is always the recipe for the perfect endeavor!

Some might say that she runs a tight ship, but Ms. Didi* believes that wasted time is not only wasted money, but wasted Life.  So, she gracefully demands that all parties involved, including clients, adhere to the project schedules to ensure excellence.  (Of course, Ms. Didi*s schedules are reasonably flexible.)  The goal is to “create the best with the least amount of stress!”

A firm believer in Karma, Ms. Didi* is fully committed to living life to the fullest and always strives to have no regrets!