Event Design & Consulting

The Goddess Projects Formula for a Successful Event:

Their Eyes Were Watching God – Rhonda Gray

1)  Understanding the host/hostess’ needs vs. desires and being able to combine them into an enjoyable reality

2)  Connecting the right vendors and staff to develop precision ambiance

3)  Anticipating and guiding guest relations for the highest enjoyments

4)  Creating unique flairs for each and every event, from traditional standards to the avant-garde experience

5)  Providing Discretion, Privacy, and Security with Integrity

Our Areas of Expertise

Goddess Projects specializes in Fantasy Events designing experiences that, if your event occurred on the last day of your life, you could die satisfied!  While we specialize in Events on The Edge,” we also excel in designing mainstream productions — but never the mundane!

Goddess Projects offers event and project consultation for the seasoned and beginner event planner to bring your project to fruition with ease.

Because we are fun-loving, life-affirming adventurers, Goddess Projects has a no judgment policy — as long as the activity doesn’t harm others.  This has given us the marvelous experience of working with a wide variety of clients from all walks of life and expressions.  Our clientele ranges from the conservative business to the artistic vanguard.

Goddess Projects offers the most creative process to design exciting events that achieve your goals including:

  • Celebrations from birthdays to bachelor & bachelorette parties to the occasional, Champagne & Cake Wedding
  • Conferences & Workshops
  • Product Launches, Book & CD Release Parties
  • Fashion Shows, Red Carpet Productions
  • Photography & Art Exhibits, Film Premiers & Showings
  • Anniversaries, Dating Events & Elegant Adult Excursions
  • Exciting Theme Soirees
  • and much more

Please note that we do not produce events for minors; you can consult with us for your success.

Networking Strategies

Goddess Projects understands that:

  • Each person has her and his unique gifts to share; and
  • The key to networking success is to enjoy opportunities to offer your skills beyond seeking what you can get from others.

Goddess Projects Networking Events allow participants to feel safe and free to offer their talents in a comfortable environment where you are appreciated.  We know how to design “functional networking” with fun exercises that encourage participants to meet more people to share with than at the average networking function.

We welcome the opportunity to design unique, networking projects for your organization that will leave the most positive impressions for years to come.