The Benefits of a Goddess Projects Simple Website

simple webThe purpose of having a website is:

1) to make it easy for people to find you and

2) to clearly get your message across to as many people as possible.

The key elements to a successful website and pleasant experience for your site’s visitors are:

  • Your site is fast loading and easily read by different browsers
  • Your site has a simple layout and navigation so that viewers get the information they want quickly and easily
  • Search engines navigate your site and list it quickly and completely
  • You get a quick, cost-effective, easy to maintain, website solution that you feel good about

Therefore, there are a few important facts to keep in mind when creating your website:

1)    People have little patience and short attention spans. People don’t want to work to view your site and access your information. If your website takes too long to load, visitors may not only leave your site before viewing what you wish to convey, but they will go to your competitors’ websites and forget all about you.

  • Most people will not return to your website if they are unable to quickly and easily access it the first time.
  • Some people even take the fact that your site doesn’t offer them instant gratification personally and hold a grudge!

2)    Not everyone viewing your website is sitting behind a desk with high-speed internet access.

  • Internet Access Speeds. There are many options for internet access and all of them have different speeds. The slower the speed, the longer certain elements on websites take to load. This is why creating an easy-to-view-and-quick-to-load website is your best option. Remember statement #1 above.
    • Speed is one reason not to have a Flash website. A flash website has to load the whole website before it will show up on the screen. In HTML websites, the first page can load and be visible while other pages and elements are still loading.
    • Flash websites are more difficult to modify and are not as effective for search engines to read (leading to more expensive website design and maintenance)

3)  Mobile Devices. Today’s rapidly changing technology is focused on allowing people to have instant access to information on-the-go. A growing number of people view websites on mobile devices alone.

  • Different devices use different types of mobile browsers that read different types of data. Therefore, unless your website is easy to load and read, you will lose visitors and customers.
  • Many people have to pay for data usage on their mobile devices. So, creating a small, mobile website option respects your visitors’ time and budgets. If you do not choose to create a separate, mobile website, then it is imperative to keep your main website as simple as possible.

The Goddess Projects Easy Start-Up Web Package includes a Responsive Layout Website with a Mobile Site so that your visitors will be able to view your site on whatever device they use!

4)    A Goddess Projects Simple Website is designed for easy maintenance by any competent website manager. Revisions can be quickly and easily made, keeping your maintenance costs affordable enough to add perks!

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