Diva Delights!

For The Goddess You Are!

Ladies Events designed to set your mind-body-spirit a-tingle!

doing the goddess dance - denise elizabeth stone
Doing the Goddess Dance – Denise Elizabeth Stone

One of the best ways to Remember & Reclaim your Goddessness from the hectic harassment of daily drama-not-on-Broadway, is to Restore your Energies with a group of your Favorite Female Friends!

Diva Delights are bespoke socials with a special edge! From bridal parties to birthdays to graduation celebrations and more, these events are the perfect gifts for any occasion or for no occasion at all!

Current Special Offerings are:

3-D Excursions

3-D = Designers, Deliciousness & Decadence!

Mini-getaways for the day, overnight, or a weekend that are custom-designed for your thrills to shop, enjoy fine-dining, and a little bit of scandalous-but-discrete entertainment in a private venue just for you, a.k.a. “Girlfriend Central!”  Included in your structured package are:

  • Meals & Beverages
  • “Girlfriend Central” Private Accommodations for just your group
  • Transportation to and from Girlfriend Central and events
  • Photography Services to commemorate your special time

Ideas for your custom-designed package can include:

  • Spa Party followed by Dinner at a chic, 4-Star restaurant and your own “Magic Mike” performance at Girlfriend Central
  • Designer Showcase Shopping, followed by Dinner at a chic, 4-Star restaurant and personal massages by The Footmen at Girlfriend Central
  • Learn-How Lecture Demo followed by Chef-catered Dinner at Girlfriend Central with a little entertainment

Start with your fantasy and let us enhance it and bring it to life!

Wild Women Workout Wonders

Enjoy a day of exuberant fitness activities that you have never tried before!  New York City offers some of the most avant-garde and unique health & fitness options on the planet!  Enjoy a day of 2-3 classes with healthy, gourmet meals and an evening of relaxing scintillation with bubbly beverages served by our beautiful, buff, scantily-clad butlers!

Workouts & Wine Parties

Enjoy a specialized fitness option that is out of the “mainstream” in a private class with a few friends followed by hors d’oeuvres and a lovely selection of wine to celebrate your health, happiness & fun!

All classes are conducted by accredited professionals who have been personally auditioned and selected by Ms. Didi for excellence.  Hors d’oeuvres and beverages are prepared and selected by our chefs to meet your group’s likes and dietary needs. As an extra perk, a goodie bag is given to each participant with discounts on workouts and gear!

Past Workouts & Wine Parties have included Aerial Yoga, Trampoline Bounce, Pole Dancing, and Hoola Hooping — just to name a few!  Most clients discover that once they enjoy a Workouts & Wine Party, another should soon follow!

Workouts & Wine Parties can be created for your private group or you can join a semi-private group event when offered — announcements are made only to our private mailing list.

Workouts & Wine Parties are also great for co-ed gatherings and team building!

The sky’s the limit for the fun in New York City!

For more information to create your thrills, contact Us.