Preparation For Your Website

Preparing Your Website’s Content
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Use this information to prepare the initial stages of your Goddess Projects Easy Start-Up Website Package.

This page is written with the small business professional in mind. However, you’re a smart cookie, so you won’t have any problems adapting the outline to suit your particular needs. We suggest that you do a little research on the internet for “How to Prepare to Build a Website.” (If you still have difficulty, you can contact us for assistance.)

Some things to consider are your color scheme, layout, and an easy-to-read font. It’s a good idea to look at the websites f people who offer similar services to yours and get a feel for what you do and don’t like. It’s also a good idea to consider the elements that make you feel good when you visit your favorite websites and think about how you can create a feel-good experience for your site’s visitors.

Remember, people want information quickly and easily. Get to the point in a pleasant, but clear way as you answer the following questions:

Home Page

Introduces your business services, concepts, bio, and philosophy.

1)    What do you do?

2)    Who do you provide services to/for?

3)    Why do people want your services? What makes you special?

a)    List your experience

b)    Describe your philosophy about what you do

4)    Examples of Intro Pages: Consider combining elements of each

a)    Project Concept /Mission Statements: What is your goal? What have you achieved so far?

b)    Bio: Describe who you are, your credentials (include awards, professional associations)

Service Outline Page

Describe in further detail your services, fees, etc. Include special offers, discounts, benefits, etc.

Specialty Page

This page can be used for whatever you wish. This can be a Gallery with photos/videos, examples of your work, and other attractions – whatever works best to assist potential clients in choosing you.

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