Web Design Clients

This page is being renovated as a few of the site owners are managing their own sites…

Below are just a few examples of websites that Goddess Projects has developed for the site owners to maintain on their own and/or with other webmasters.  The links provided are to (1) the work that Goddess Projects has provided and/or (2) to the original site to compare to our work.  We are not responsible for the current state of websites listed below that are not maintained by Goddess Projects.

Bastet ~ Goddess Knowledge Cards – Susan Seddon Boulet.

Ancient Egyptian Prayer to the Goddess Bastet:

Beloved Bastet, mistress of happiness and bounty, twin of the Sun God, slay the evil that afflicts our minds as you slay the serpent Apep. With your graceful stealth anticipate the moves of all who perpetrate cruelties and stay their hands against the children of light. Grant us the joy of song and dance, and ever watch over us in the lonely places in which we must walk.

Fully-Managed Site

DocTommyO.com is an example of a site that Goddess Projects provides full, website management for:

  • Weekly maintenance, updates, backups, etc.
  • Writing and Design Services for new page development and the Blog
  • Project Development

and more!

M. Drue Williams – Start Up Website

Ms. Williams provided the copy, graphics, and attachments and we guided her to obtain what was needed for us to set up her site so that she can now manage it herself!  Enjoy her amazing artwork while you visit!

Internet Presence

When an entire website is not necessary for one’s needs, a simple internet presence will do.  The hardest part is always getting started, so with a little help from Goddess Projects, these cool folks are now able to be found and let their lights shine!

NYCFabGirl — NYC Blogger who tells it like it is!